Electrifying AI S3E1: Electricity Industry in Australia - A Global Perspective

Join us in our conversation with the CEO of Transgrid, Brett Redman, as we discuss the state of the overall electricity industry landscape in Australia, his perspectives on innovation in the industry, and importance of transmission in helping achieve sustainability targets for a cleaner and greener world order.
Our mission at ElectrifingAI is to bring you up-to-date insights on the latest developments taking shape in the electricity sector. Along the way, we’ll help demystify the connection between the greatest machine ever built — the electric grid — and the greatest enabler of our time — data analytics. To help us do that, we’ll have a series of guests who hold a variety of different roles within the industry. And for this episode, it’s a privilege to begin our third season … and our broader view of the electricity industry landscape … with someone who’s had a hand in crafting what that landscape looks like in his home country. 

Brett Redman is the CEO of Transgrid in Australia. Transgrid operates and manages the high voltage electricity transmission network in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory … connecting generators, distributors and major end users. And Brett is a seasoned executive who has … among other roles … previously served as the CEO of AGL and the chair of the Australian Energy Council.

Just a decade ago, one could argue that the electricity industry was primarily a physical business, centralized in its existence, and with a very narrow view of customers and innovation. That world has changed drastically as innovation has shifted from the tangible to intangible. Hear from Brett his thoughts on how the industry is evolving and where we are headed into the future. 

About one in four Australian homes have rooftop solar panels, a larger share than in any other major economy, and the rate of installations far outpaces the global average. The country is well ahead of Germany, Japan and California, which are widely considered leaders in clean energy. But that great progress undoubtedly brings new complexities for grid operators and others who are tasked with ensuring uninterrupted service. We will hear from  Brett his perspectives on such challenges and initiatives that are top on mind for him. 

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Electrifying AI S3E1: Electricity Industry in Australia - A Global Perspective
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