The Health Pulse S3E11: Is Value-Based Care Failing?

Bryony Winn, President of Health Solutions at Elevance Health, shares her vision to move to an integrated, value-based health care system and addresses enablers and challenges.
What makes value-based care work? Bryony Winn shares her views on key enablers, implementation challenges and how they can be overcome. Winn is President of Health Solutions at Elevance Health. Being born and raised in Africa, educated in the UK, having worked in Europe as a consultant and moved to the United Stated, Bryony Winn has a truly international career path and a wealth of knowledge of different health care systems. 

On this episode, host Alex Maiersperger and Winn talk about the role technology plays in integrating care systems. She tells us a big challenge is patients are often treated for conditions in isolation, without taking a whole-person approach. Data integration and deep partnerships across different health and social care providers are crucial for full transparency and insights into a person’s whole health, enabling providers and payers to make value-based care work and tailor care more effectively.

Simultaneously, Winn addresses some criticism value-based care models have received, as some don’t believe the concept is working. She explains the industry’s initial narrow view, believing the shift to value-based care is only a change of payment models. Winn emphasizes data integration and infrastructure around payment models are needed. Despite some of the challenges and criticism, she remains optimistic about value-based care models and their role in affordability, high quality care and high experience scores. 

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The Health Pulse S3E11: Is Value-Based Care Failing?
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